I'm a hot-headed, Brooklyn raised, Puerto Rican. I grew up around sayings like, "Que nadie se ponga, conmigo" (Nobody, better mess or start with me!) and "God, don't like ugly!"  I spent many years living by those sayings and others that I don't find appropriate for this PG blog. Point being, you mess with me or mines, … Continue reading

Lies Women Believe…about themselves-Chapter 3

KEY POINTS What we believe about God is crucial because it affects what we believe about everything else. (turn to p. 64) If we have an impoverished view of God, we will become impoverished ourselves. (p. 64) Is the view of ourselves and our sense of worth determined by the input and opinions of others? … Continue reading Lies Women Believe…about themselves-Chapter 3

A Love that heals

During an intimate time of prayer and worship, the Lord began to speak into my heart. I cried out like David, search my heart O'Lord! He is a faithful Father and when He searches our hearts He brings to light what we have kept in darkness. He wants to free us from all of our … Continue reading A Love that heals

Bring it!

It's so very comforting to know that we are loved by a God whose track record is filled with the miraculous! His business, the impossible; His standings-infinite. Every impossibility faced by man was and continues to be overcome and far surpassed than the wildest of imaginations by none other, than, you guessed it-Our Lord, God! … Continue reading Bring it!

What if…

At some point in our lives we toil with the "what ifs." What if I'd made that move or hadn't? What if I'd stayed at that job or married that person. What if.... You come across old pictures that remind you vividly where you were the moment you decided against the "what if" in your … Continue reading What if…

Who do you see?

 Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new. (2 Corinthians 5:17 NKJV) Most of us have probably heard this verse before or its many different translations. In the last few months I've heard it, sang it, read it too many times to give … Continue reading Who do you see?

Almost Right…

This morning coastal San Diego residents woke up to a very thick layer of fog blanketing the landscape. Visibility in some areas was a quarter-mile or less, negatively impacting the morning commute. Most of us drive to work or school 4 or 5 times in a week, so we're pretty comfortable and confident with the familiar route. However … Continue reading Almost Right…

Departing from deception

We so often find ourselves in a season of discontentment. We look around at the lives of others and might feel, "why can't my life be something like that?"  We entertain the thought that, "there has to be something more!"  We may look back and think of the things we had planned to achieve by this … Continue reading Departing from deception

Lies Women Believe…about God-Chapter 2

KEY POINTS What we believe is revealed, not by what we know or what we say we believe, but by how we actually live. (p. 46)  “Everything in your spiritual life depends on the sort of God you worship. Because the character of the worshiper will always be molded by the character of what he … Continue reading Lies Women Believe…about God-Chapter 2

Why you mad?

Scowls dress the faces we so often encounter. Have you noticed that some people are just waiting to erupt their anger? Standing in line at the grocery store watching the middle-aged woman act like she's just looking at the magazines while she is slowly placing her groceries on the conveyor belt behind a smile. That … Continue reading Why you mad?