We're all traveling on this journey, this pilgrim's progression. However, our passports aren't made up of a little book that one can pull out and show at every gate. Instead, I'm speaking about the passport that sits deep within us and is only visible by the Greatest Gatekeeper. We've been to and through places not … Continue reading

Love is Blind

We've all heard the saying, "Love is blind," with both negative and positive connotations. Negatively, the love of something or someone that harms you can blind you from seeing the harm that comes from seeking it out.  Positively, love can blind you from seeing what others see and may deem "unacceptable" like those found in discrimination-color, … Continue reading Love is Blind

Remind Us

The day is young and already we're carrying heavy burdens. Our hearts wrestle inside of our small chests. You may find yourself this moment crying over a heart-wrenching goodbye, financial struggles, loss or even just scraped knees. We're a few months into the new year and our present circumstance manically projects a tomorrow filled with … Continue reading Remind Us

Almost Right…

This morning coastal San Diego residents woke up to a very thick layer of fog blanketing the landscape. Visibility in some areas was a quarter-mile or less, negatively impacting the morning commute. Most of us drive to work or school 4 or 5 times in a week, so we're pretty comfortable and confident with the familiar route. However … Continue reading Almost Right…

Departing from deception

We so often find ourselves in a season of discontentment. We look around at the lives of others and might feel, "why can't my life be something like that?"  We entertain the thought that, "there has to be something more!"  We may look back and think of the things we had planned to achieve by this … Continue reading Departing from deception

Why you mad?

Scowls dress the faces we so often encounter. Have you noticed that some people are just waiting to erupt their anger? Standing in line at the grocery store watching the middle-aged woman act like she's just looking at the magazines while she is slowly placing her groceries on the conveyor belt behind a smile. That … Continue reading Why you mad?