Hi there, Welcome to Defined by His Love! My name is Amabel Piris; most know me by Mabel, a nickname given to me as a child. We all have a great story to tell. Stories of pain and joy, defeat and triumphs, and our stories go on! I share because I know that a lot of people are going through some of the same situations that I have gone¬†through or am yet to go through. I share because we are not alone in our struggles. We are not alone in our fights. Our testimonies glorify Our God. It is only by His grace that I have been able to IMG_1906overcome so much. From becoming a mom at 14, struggles with depression, anxiety, fear, marriage, divorce, insecurities galore, and the list goes on. It is by His strength and love that I can continue to smile through trials. His joy and promised peace are my remedies. His love my greatest treasure. I am humbly honored to be able to serve women at my church, The Rock Church (Point Loma Campus), here in San Diego through our women’s ministry called Sisters In Christ.

My prayer for you is that you find your true identity. One that can only be found in Him who created you. Together we can grow and learn through His Word and His guidance. Confronting every lie and believing the TRUTH. Surrendering every hurt and every obstacle to the One who hasn’t broken a single promise and never will. To the One who sees you, El Roi. May you find comfort, rest, and encouragement but above all may you find Him among the words and stories on these pages. In Jesus’ name, I pray, amen.

If you’re in the San Diego area we’d love to invite you to visit one of our churches and get plugged in! If you’re not nearby you can still follow the link and maybe join us for a service online! God bless!¬†http://www.sdrock.com/ministries/womens/

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