Lies Women Believe…

There’s this amazing book by Nancy Leigh DeMoss, called Lies Women Believe and the TRUTH THAT SETS THEM FREE.

Lies Women Believe…Chapter 1- Foundations, Truth… or Consequences

Do we believe that God truly loves us? Or have we believed the lie that He'll leave like everyone else does? Do we believe that He will provide all of our needs? Or do we fret and worry, scheme and plot just in case He overlooks us? When the trials of life come, do we believe God is still good? When God says, "not that one," or leads us down a path we would have never, ever chosen for ourselves, do we ponder, "did God really say that, surely it won't kill me?" Do you find yourself doubting God's goodness, faithfulness, or love, today?


To think that once this rock was a part of a larger landscape or maybe at one point it was mostly a smooth surface. But years of being battered by winds, waves, and exposure to the sun has caused it to erode. I dare to say that it is completely unrecognizable to its original state. … Continue reading Change

Mercy Filled Morning

The clouds of yesterday's storm still linger this morning. So many of us rose to the loss of power and flooded streets, or worse, flooded basements! What a steady day of rain can do to a usually dry and parched land?! Taking inventory of damage throughout the county makes one feel we were hit by … Continue reading Mercy Filled Morning